[VIDEO] 9-year-old girl suspended for shaving head in support to her friend battling with cancer

A 9-year-old school girl, Kamryn Renfro was suspended from school when she decided to shave her head to show compassion and support for her best friend Delaney Clements who lost her hair due to cancer diagnosis and treatment.

As per ABC News report, shaving her head out of bravery and compassion for her friend broke the school rules’ dress code.

Most people thought that the school would fully support the act of kindness. However, many were dismayed of its decision to suspend the girl for flouting the no-shaved-heads regulation which is part of the Colorado’s dress code.

In line with her suspension, Kamryn’s mother shared the awful school decision of suspending her daughter through her Facebook where people got disappointed making an appeal to get the student back to school.

Fortunately, the school listened allowing the girl to come back, outweighing the girl’s love and kindness for her best friend Diane who was diagnosed with cancer in 2011 where she lost her hair again and again due to the chemotherapy treatment.

“I didn’t want her to be the only one,” Kamryn said in the video refusing to let her friend be bald alone one more time.

According to WOZZBUZZ story, the school who was forced to revoke its sanction toward Kamryn, shared a press release that read “Compassion and selfless acts of courage are to be commended and encouraged…

“The Caprock Academy Board of Directors held a special meeting tonight to discuss a waiver to the dress code policy per the parents’ request. The Caprock Academy Board of Directors voted to approve the waiver to the dress code policy.”

By the time the news reached You Tube, many netizens commented how terrible the school’s policy was. Here are the popular comments from the viewers as obtained by WOZZBUZZ.

“It’s disgusting that the only reason they reversed the suspension is only because of media outcry.  The only thing the staff are sorry for is that they’ve been exposed,” supercyberfunk wrote.

“My question is- why are shaved heads banned? That’s kind of dumb. It’s like that girl who got in trouble and suspended from her team when she offered to drive her drunk friend home from a party. She never drank, and she was trying to be responsible, but the school punished her for being at the party, even if it was only to pick up her friend and take her home,” commented Rebecca Birch.

Watch the video report below: