[Video] Biyaheng Forever? Bus conductor, passenger wed on the bus; Their love story to be aired on Philippine TV

A one-of-a-kind love story of a bus conductor and a passenger will be aired on GMA News TV program WAGAS this Saturday.

They met on the bus, fell in love on the bus, and they were also wed on the bus. Their love story went viral on the internet.

Chester, a bus conductor of Victory Liner, was reportedly a ladies’ man. Julie, on the other hand, was a grumpy, yet hopeless romantic whose heart was once broken, but still waiting for that right man.

Looks like destiny had been working for them to meet.

Julie’s mother asked her to bring some longganisa to the bus where Chester is working, but because Chester’s bus was late, he immediately had a taste of Julie’s temper right on their first meeting. But it seems to have challenged Chester into getting to know Julie better, so he started courting her.

Julie, on the other hand, had been hearing about Chester being a womanizer, but because of Chester’s persistence, she eventually gave her heart.

But later on Julie found out that she’s not the only one in Chester’s life. She was just one among a number of women!

So how did they have a happy ending?

Image capture of video via Facebook Jenna Espiritu
Image capture of video via Facebook Jenna Espiritu

Cans tied not on the back of a limousine, ceremonies held not on a sacred place, vows exchanged not in front of a priest, suits and dresses not that of barongs and gowns — their wedding’s theme is truly a different bus ride experience.

Playing their roles are Valeen Montenegro and Boy2 Quizon. Enjoy watching the story of two hearts that were bound to BIYAHENG FOREVER this Saturday, April 29, 7PM on GMANewsTV – WAGAS!

Here is the video of Chester and Julie’s wedding (Source: Facebook Jenna Espiritu)

Congratulations Chester Razon and Julie BucadWedding on a Rolling Bus.Road to Forever ???

Posted by Jenna Espiritu on Monday, February 6, 2017