[VIDEO] Boy with alleged cancer sponsored by Billy Crawford fakes illness to get money for his chemo

Be careful to whom you extend your help to.

A 14-year-old boy named Edward Pangilinan also known as Patricia Centino has been the talk in social media due to being an alleged scammer; fooling everyone of his false illness so he can obtain donations and money from selling camote on the streets, according to a KAMI story as cited in a Facebook post.

His supposed scam was exposed by a netizen Pau Vislenio who recently posted her encounter with the teen on her Facebook  account calling the attention of everyone to not immediately fall for his modus of entreating people that he’s undergoing a chemotherapy at the Philippine Orthopedic Center.

Vislenio’s involvement with Pangilinan happened when she met him at the Sanctuario de San Antonio Parish on Thursday, April 13, offering them some overpriced camote he is selling for 150 pesos per kilo as a way to financially support his medication.

They offered to help him sell all his camotes because according to Pangilinan that day was the deadline to pay for his chemotherapy worth 100,000 pesos; short by only P8,000 more as  he has already saved 92,000 pesos (70K from the singer-host-actor Billy Crawford, 20K from his uncle, and the rest from his earnings through selling camote.)

Though they were in doubt, they still chose to help. “Pag di ko to tinulungan ngayon at may masamang mangyari sa batang ito, pagsisisihan ko habang buhay,” she wrote in her post. ” At dahil gabi na yun naawa kami ng friend ko at binigyan namin ng pera kasi nga 8k na lang kulang tapos may dala siyang 25 kilos na kamote.”

Curious of the young boy’s alleged ailment, they probed on his case. According to Pangilinan, Billy Crawford gave him an iPhone 6 over a motorcycle that the actor asked him to choose from, which he later pawned to support his medical needs.

Vislenio and her friend Annsheerina Reyes presumed that the boy was indirectly asking money from them for the redemption of the phone which the latter said he got from his sponsor Billy Crawford. He said he needs to have it back as the actor might have been texting; worried of how he’s doing.

With his statement, their feeling of uncertainty became stronger; prompting her to investigate further. Upon reaching home, Vislenio’s mother called the hospital only to find out Edward Pangilinan was not in the patients’ list nor the doctor whom the boy said was treating him. A doctor by the name Christian S. Potor doesn’t exist in the Philippine Orthopedic Center.

She even received several Facebook messages stating they knew Edward as a scammer and a liar; fooling everyone of his made-up story of having a cancer.

She ended her post with a warning to be more cautious of the people to whom we give support and assistance.

Read the full text of Pau Vislenio below:

Hi guys! Siya si Edward Pangilinan a.k.a Patricia Centino. Nameet ko siya today, April 13, 2017 sa Santuario de San…

Posted by Pau Vislenio on Thursday, April 13, 2017


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Facebook, KAMI