[VIDEO] Davao Crocodile Park offers rare massage by “huge snakes”

Would you try this relaxing and unusual type of massage?

A different and exotic kind of massage is being offered in Davao Crocodile Park in Davao City — the snake massage.

Aside from the park showcasing its “state of the art” crocodile farming system in the Philippines, it also features a one of a kind approach to relieving stress by getting these 30-kilogram Albino Burmese python and a 40-kilogram Burmese python ride and glide on your back for five minutes.

These snakes are trained to interact with people, so brave thrill-seeking customers who want to try this massage don’t have to panic and worry. Besides these serpents are being fed before each massage so they don’t get hungry while slithering on a potential (human) food.

“Snakes have the ability to locate tensed muscles,” Jane Oquias, a staff in the park said; pointing out that these serpents can selectively apply pressure to the body because of its heavy load which gives a certain compression to tense areas, thus relieving stress.

As shared in a Kicker Daily story, have no fear because the whole treatment takes place under the watchful eyes of  trained zookeepers , and it’s not for very long. The pythons slowly slither across their patient’s body only for up to 15 minutes, so it’s done before you know it, as disclosed by the manager of Cebu City Zoo who also offer snake massage to their visitors.

Here’s a video of a snake massage as shared by Family Toy Channel via You Tube: