[VIDEO] Duterte nearly tripped while shaking hands with an excited OFW

LUSAIL CITY, Qatar — President Rodrigo Duterte almost tripped as he tried to sustain balance when he was accidentally pulled hard while shaking hands with an unidentified Filipino worker in Lusail Sports Arena on Saturday, April 15, 2017.

The president’s guards rushed to his aid while he just smiled and went back to his seat.

At least 6,000 members of the Filipino community from all over Qatar congregated inside the Lusail Sports Arena which has around 15,000-18,000 seating capacity. They gave him a “rock star” welcome where many raised small Philippine flags and applauded him during his address.

Speaking before the OFWs inside the arena, he again lashed out against alleged detractors, including the EU which he claimed to have suggested the use of substitution drugs to treat shabu addicts in the Philippines despite its denial, according to GMA News.

Duterte is incredibly popular among the 222,721 overseas Filipinos workers in Qatar where he got 78 percent of his total votes from the 2016 elections.

Since 2008, Duterte is the first Philippine president to visit the country, and has since long been expected to visit Qatar, a Filipino worker said as disclosed in an Inquirer story.