[VIDEO] Girl shamelessly changes clothes inside a moving train in China, passengers left in shock

Too late for work or something?

In a video footage uploaded on Youtube, a woman can be seen standing along the aisle wearing a floral flared slip dress.

A few seconds later, she just took off her dress, leaving only her underclothes on. She then reaches for her bag, took out a white hanging buttoned blouse top without a care in the world; seemingly unmindful of who’s watching or how many.

Still not in a rush, she proceeds to wear a short blue skirt to match her white blouse and easily managed to zip its back. A neck scarf  came next.

While others looked uncomfortably or secretly took videos, one man stood beside her to take a selfie — and she even smiled and posed for the camera?

She earned comments pertaining to her gender preference, profession, and sanity as one netizen said, “She might be a prostitue! Or just crazy!”

Others said it looks scripted; like it was being recorded on purpose.

A commenter expressed: “This is totally against the teaching of Mao Zedong…counter revolutionist…”

This was reportedly filmed in Shanghai Metro.

Watch the video below: