[VIDEO] Group of female thieves steal cash from an old woman at a restaurant

When you see a senior citizen, the first thing that usually comes to mind is to be of help or assistance to them. Unfortunately, contrary to what should be a good initiative, a group of female opportunists took advantage of an old woman eating alone at a fast food chain.

A video uploaded by All About the Philippines showed a modus of a group of women who sat with a grandmother; trying to distract her into a conversation while one of them reaches inside the old woman’s bag.

Successfully able to take the money, they fled fast as to evade from possible confrontation and captivity.

According to KAMI’s story as cited in a Facebook post, the hard earned money of the elderly woman was through her honest physical labor.

The post wrote: “Mga kawatan! walang awang dinukutan si lola… Perang pinag hirapan at inipon sa pagwawalis. mga nakinabang mga kawatan na walang konsensiya!!! Mga DEMONYO?????Kanina lang po nangyari to, around 12:30pm. sa my rotonda ng angeles city.”

[Thieves! You mercilessly stole from the grandmother. Her hard-earned money from sweeping the streets will only be of profit to criminals who don’t have conscience. You are demons. This only happened earlier around 12:30 p.m. in Rotonda, Angeles City]

Out of rage, one netizen commented:  “SANA MAY “BATAS na PUTOL KAMAY” para sa mga MAGNANAKAW!. pati matanda pinatos.”

Watch the modus here captured by the CCTV of the restaurant:

Posted by All about the Philippines on Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Source :

KAMI, Facebook