[Video] Guy’s music on earphones suddenly stopped, turns out his phone got stolen by pickpocketers

  • The stolen phone was connected to the victim’s earphone
  • Because the bus was full of passengers, the victim was standing
  • Although busy listening to music, the victim was able to detect someone persistently moving very close to his body

Quezon City –  Herald Montejo, a young well-built man, was listening to his favorite music while on a bus bound for Novaliches, when suddenly the sound went off because it turned out that the phone it was connected to was sneaked out by pickpocketers.

According to Herald, while he was standing on a full bus, he noticed one of the crooks was persistently bumping his body, and when the music on his earphones went off, he saw the crook was hastily walking towards the bus door.

He courageously rushed ahead of them and was able to block the door.

A commotion followed when Herald hit the guy because the accused dropped his phone on the floor; probably trying to get rid of the evidence.

Luckily, policemen were nearby at the EDSA Muñoz, and the bus driver was able to signal for help.

The authorities were able to handle the situation, and the suspects were identified as Ronel Pudia, and an accomplice, Joshua Cordero.

Cordero, however, denied the accusation.

Charges were filed against the two suspects who are currently detained at QCPD Station 2.

This story reminds us to be more vigilant of our personal belongings in public places. Listenning to music is good, but let our other senses be alert just like this guy in this story.

Watch the full video by TV 5 Aksyon

Lalaking naka-headset sa bus nagulat ng biglang tumigil ang kanyang soundtrip sa kanyang cellphone.Yun pala pinagtripan na ng mandurukot ang kanyang phone.

Posted by Raffy Tulfo on Thursday, April 20, 2017