[VIDEO] John Cena Wedding Proposal to GF Nikki Bella Highlights Wrestlemania 33

Well-known wrestler John Cena still found a way to be relevant even if he is not competing for any of the titles in WWE Wrestlemania 33. Not even part of the main event, John Cena suddenly popped inside the ring with a ring.

Earning a spot in the WrestleMania 33 headlines, John Cena teamed up with his long-time girlfriend Nikki Bella to fight against The Miz and Maryse in the mixed tag team match. They eventually beat them but at the end of the match, John Cena made a surprise proposal! He got down on one knee and proposed to Nikki Bella in front of thousands of people in Wrestlemania 33, which was held in Orlando, Florida.

In the video below, the popular wrestler became emotional as he popped the question. He said: “I have been waiting so long to ask you this.”

As expected, Nikki Bella said yes and they are officially engaged! The couple then quickly celebrated their engagement with their relatives waiting at the ringside. The couple has been in a relationship for about five years now.

John Cena and Nikki Bella (Stephanie Nicola Garcia-Colace) may not be seen inside the ring for a while as they will be planning their wedding. According to Wrestling Observer, John Cena will be focusing on his Hollywood career while Bella will take some time to rest and heal her injured neck.

It’s always nice to see tough guys getting vulnerable and romantic.

Watch John Cena’s wedding proposal video here: