[VIDEO] Okada Manila amazes with its “World’s Biggest Multicolor Dancing Fountain!”

Okada Manila has unveiled the world’s largest multicolor dancing water fountain! “The Fountain” is now one of Okada Manila’s main features; making it stand out from the rest of its competitors in the country and in Asia.

With the opening of “The Fountain”, Okada Manila creates another milestone as it nears its grand opening. “The Fountain” is said to have 739 nozzles shooting water into the air in different speed configurations. It was designed with the concept of Philippine festivals.

Aside from the Philippine fiestas, sampaguita, our national flower, is one of the inspirations for “The Fountain.” The water fountain spans for around 37,464 square meters, which is estimated to be around the size of fifty Olympic-size pools. The entire fountain system is composed of 2,611 colored lights, along with 23 speakers for synchronicity.

Okada Manila VP for entertainment Maxwell Zetlin stressed that they want to provide new experiences for their guests: “I think one thing that we’ve been doing is differentiating ourselves from the competitors in the market. We promise to the Filipino people that anytime they come here, they are going to be treated like VIPs.”

“The Fountain” will be open to everyone – people can visit this colorful water fountain exhibit soon! Bryan Bass, Okada Manila VP for property marketing said that the schedule will be released on their website.

For now, watch some amazing videos of the water fountain display here: