[VIDEO / PHOTOS] 25 most shocking Pinoy celebrity transformations

I bet you are wondering what our famous celebrities look like when they were young, or even before they appeared on TV just like ordinary people.

These are not just photos of great transformation, but transformation with growth for a certain career or fitness goal. Exciting, right?

Some shape up for a TV and commercial role, and some just simply evolved into a much mature version of themselves; nonetheless with purpose or not, they are shockingly different from the way they look before.

Check out these amazing and impressive transformation of Pinoy celebrities:

  1. Maria Izadora Calzado Ussher / Iza Calzado
Image by The DailyPedia

       2. Christine Marie Gonzalez / Beauty Gonzales

Image by News Graph

3. Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco / Charice Pempengco

Image by Reddit

4. Celestine Cruz Gonzaga-Soriano / Toni Gonzaga

Image by Davao City and Beyond