[VIDEO / PHOTOS] Armless Filipina pilot & Taekwondo black belter conquers disability and inspires the world

People complain of how hard their lives are, throwing disappointments at one another, feeling unblessed in whatever situation they are currently facing.

How could you be as such if someone born without arms can even conquer the world, fly a plane, play the piano, drive a car using her feet, and many other things.

Meet Jessica Cox, a Filipina-American who chose to live life with full of optimism. Despite her being differently-abled, she never used it as an excuse to give-up and stumble. Instead, she proved she can do anything she wanted.

Conquering her fear of flying, she got her wings when she learned to fly using her feet. She was the very first woman without arms to obtain a pilot’s license, worthy of being included in the Guinness World Records having the title first woman to fly an airplane with her feet.

Image by BBC
Image by Guinness World Records

“It’s even hard for me when I’m talking about it. You just do it,” she said in an Inside Edition interview as cited in Choose Philippines when asked how she could fly a plane without hands.

Another incredible feat was when she earned her first black belt at age 14 in the International Taekwondo Federation, and her second black belt in college in the American Taekwondo Association. Currently, she’s a Trainee Instructor in Taekwondo holding the Second Degree Black Belt rank, earning her a distinction of the first ever armless person to get a black belt in American Taekwondo Association (ATA).

Image by Indiegogo

Jessica also could drive a car without modifications, play the piano, and surf boldly, attesting that nothing could hold her back.