[Video] Plane passengers scream in terror as smoke starts filling cabin mid-flight

  • Passengers of an Aero flight were terrified as thick smoke started filling the cabin mid-flight
  • Passengers were told to cover mouth and nose with wet towels as oxygen masks failed to deploy
  • The plane safely landed 35 minutes later

Passengers of an Aero Contractors flight from Port Harcourt to Lagos in Nigeria screamed in terror after smoke started filling the plane cabin 20 minutes after takeoff on Tuesday, April 18.

A video taken by one of the passengers showed thick smoke filled the plane mid-flight. As per Sahara Reporters, the 53 passengers, including a 7-month-old baby endured another 35 minutes on air before the plane safely landed in Lagos.

The footage showed passengers screaming, weeping and praying loudly as the plane crew prepared to make an emergency landing.

Oxygen masks failed to deploy so the passengers were told to cover their mouth and nose with wet towels handed by flight attendants while the pilot advised them to calm down.

“Pilot said we should calm down but something was burning smelling and the smoke got thicker, the alarms went off but he said to calm down. “I prayed and quoted all the bible verses I could think of. I was shaking, the plane was moving up and down, women were screaming at the back,” one of the passengers said.

The plane was met by firefighters as it landed.

Nigeria’s Civil Aviation Authority and the airline are investigating the incident.

Here’s the footage of the incident: