[VIDEO] Raffy Tulfo hands cash to admirable tricycle driver who is in deep debt with TODA

In one of Raffy Tulfo’s teleradyo programs Radyo Singco 92.3 News FM, a tricycle driver guested to complain against BB TODA President Johnny Rosal for not allowing him to get a certification on the renewal of registration of his passenger vehicle because of long overdue debt since 2015.

Mr. Jerry Lanang, a father of five, is a member of BB TODA in Cardona, Rizal. Having a sick 9-year-old child in the hospital, a college student, a high school student, a 7-year-old, and a toddler which he brought with him to the radio station, admittedly failed to settle his debts with the tricycle drivers association due to his children’s needs.

Though he offered to pay 1,000 pesos and the rest for installment, the Association President, Mr. Johnny Rosal reportedly still refused.

Rosal said thru a phone interview with Tulfo that Mang Jerry owes a total of 6,610 pesos since 2015. In defense to the accusation, he said the decision to hold the driver’s renewal of membership was not made by him alone, but with the approval of the board of the association’s majority. He insisted that Mang Jerry must pay at least half 3,000 pesos and the rest for installment on a daily basis.

Before instantly helping the man in need, host Raffy Tulfo analyzed the situation, and asked the TODA president about this man’s working attitude. When probed about Lanang having any vices like drinking, Rosal immediately responded “None.”

Arriving in a final agreement between the two parties with the radio host in between, Mr Tulfo took P3,000.00 from his wallet to shoulder half of the tricycle driver’s debt, provided that Mang Jerry promise to pay 10 pesos everyday until he settles his debt.

Just as the mood in the room was getting lighter and everyone was smiling, Mr. Tulfo took money from his wallet again and said “Sasagutin ko na ‘yung pang isang buwan mo na pa sampu sampung piso”. He was impressed with Mang Jerry because in the midst of difficulties and scarcity, he didn’t resolve to committing a crime.

Off-the-air and while saying their thank yous and goodbyes outside the newsroom, Raffy Tulfo gave Mang Jerry additional cash for the son in the hospital and for their daily needs.

The father-tricycle driver burst in tears while holding his youngest child. Tulfo’s team escorted him to the TODA office, to the municipal hall of Cardona, Rizal, to the moment he placed his registration sticker to his beloved tricycle, and up to the moment he bid farewell to the camera with a smile that tells everything he is feeling.

Watch the interview here:

Tricycle driver di makapagpasada dahil lubog sa utang sa samahan.Maliit na kita hirap pagkasyahin sa limang anak.Isang anak pinapagamot pa sa ospital.#raffytulfoinactionwww.youtube.com/raffytulfoofficialwww.raffytulfoinaction.com

Posted by Raffy Tulfo in Action on Friday, March 31, 2017