VIDEO: Trillanes uploads video, says he did not pay nor force witness to implicate Duterte in illegal drugs trade

  • Senator Antonio Trillanes IV uploads video showing Guillermina Barrido Arcilla, an alleged Liberal Party supporter turned whistleblower
  • Earlier, Arcilla claims she was offered P500,000 by senators Trillanes and Leila De Lima if she signs an affidavit implicating Duterte in the illegal drug business
  • Trillanes refutes Arcilla’s claim by posting the video on social media

On his Facebook account, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV uploaded a video on April 7 to refute the news which stated that a Liberal Party supporter turned whistleblower claimed she was paid to execute an affidavit against President Rodrigo Duterte by his vocal critics, him (Trillanes) and Sen. Leila De Lima.

In an article published by DAVAOTODAY, it mentioned that Guillermina Barrido Arcilla, who claims to be the niece of city councilor Pilar Braga, said she was offered P500,000 if she signs an affidavit implicating Duterte in the illegal drug business.

It likewise noted that Arcilla also said she would be given another P500,000 if she testifies in the International Criminal Court.

According to the report, Arcilla said the same offers were given to retired policeman Arthur Lascañas and self-confessed Davao Death Squad hit man Edgar Matobato; adding that she was supposed to be presented with them but she said she did not sign the affidavit.

As an explanation why Trillanes and the Liberal party opted to use the drugs angle instead of extrajudicial killings (EJKs), Arcilla said it is because the issue of EJKs no longer sells with the public.

As such, Arcilla said she only agreed to support the Liberal Party because of a single incident in December 2015 when Duterte failed to act on a favor she asked of him.

Although she and Duterte were never very close, Arcilla noted she had a direct line to him through his aide, Christopher “Bong” Go.

In addition, Arcilla said she received money in different amounts throughout her time as a “paid critic.”

She even claimed Fr. Albert Alejo, SJ once left her an envelope containing P 20,000 as payment. In other instances, her payment would be folded among tissue papers in restaurants where she, Alejo and Matobato’s lawyer, Atty. Jude Sabio, would eat.

Arcilla said she received a total of P300,000, excluding the payment of one million-peso offer if she testified in the senate and the ICC.

On the part of Trillanes, a video which showed Arcilla somehow seated in a restaurant conversing with a man and a woman (not seen on video) and answering queries thrown at her was posted in his Facebook account.

Watch the video here: