[Video] Twerking babe causes distraction to drivers that led to a serious accident of motorbike and car head-on collision

A young woman’s twerking display at the side of a road went terribly wrong when a motorcycle and a car crashed head-on with each other.

The video footage shot on a mobile phone by a friend begins with a young woman joyfully dancing beside a peaceful road as several vehicles pass by without incident.

The young woman was wearing tight pants and a top that shows part of her cleavage.

She was clearly having fun, lively twirling around, and twerking that behind.

images capture of video via flyheight

As the sound of a motorbike comes closer, she moved closer to the road too, while throwing her hands up in the air.

Her actions led to the distraction of the drivers, including a BMW from the opposite direction of the road.

Things happened so fast as the motorbike collides headfirst with the car turning left, and the rider of the bike is catapulted into the air.

Images capture of video via flyheight

The women (dancer and the one who took the footage) took cover as debris was sent flying from the crash.

They can be heard crying and worrying as they move towards the seemingly lifeless biker.

Video by flyheight:

Luckily, the motorist wore a helmet and he managed to survive, but with a broken pelvis and leg.

The accident is a constant reminder for motorists not just to wear their helmets, but also to keep their focus and eyes on the road, even if there’s a “hot” distraction on the sidewalk.

According to the report of ClashDaily, the video was shot in Ukraine and was uploaded last Sunday, April 16.