[Video] Woman wins a Kia car by kissing it for 50 hours!

Austin, Texas  –  What would you do for a free car? How about kissing a KIA mobile for more than 48 hours?

20 people were engaged a in bizarre kissing contest in Austin, Texas which gave as reward to the winner a 2017  Kia car which retails at $23,095.

Around 7 a.m. on Monday, contestants have been pressing their lips to two different cars inside an Austin dealership as their marathon was being broadcasted on Facebook Live.

Participants were allowed to move, cough, and make noise, but they have to keep both lips on the car. Some were seen listening to music on headphones to pass the time and one contestant was watching Netflix on his phone.

After 50 hours, Dilini Jayasuriya, 30, was declared the winner after her name was picked out of the seven competitors left in the race.

Jayasuriya will get to go home via a brand new Kia Optima, according to the 96.7 KISS FM website. 

Radio station 96.7 KISS FM hosted the “Kiss A Kia” competition, which kicked off Monday at Southwest Kia in Round Rock. The only rule was the 20 contestants had to keep their lips on a vehicle in the store to win — though they were given short breaks throughout the contest duration.

That winning moment!