[VIDEO] World’s Favorite Teacher gives voice to Special Children with disabilities

Chris Ulmer, Founder and CEO of “Special Books by Special Kids (SBSK)”, a non-profit program that allows each special kid’s story to be published in a book, travels the world to raise awareness about kids with special needs.

He started a Facebook page where he posts videos of him and the children telling stories of how great, and amazing they are. The page has now gained a million followers.

Ulmer is set to change the lives of people — students with special disabilities and their parents, and more importantly change the world’s perspective towards interaction and guidance to the needs of special children.

He used to work as a Special Education Teacher in Keystone Academy in Jacksonville, Florida where he gave a different approach on boosting the self-esteem of his students. He spent 10 minutes of their time complimenting each student and giving them high-fives which undeniably made them more social. Their communication skills have improved both verbal and non-verbal.

Image by SBSK

Known for his commitment and outstanding work within his role in teaching kids with disabilities, he was nominated for the “LifeChanger of the Year” award in 2016 by Casey Twisdale, a member of his community. However, he was no longer eligible for the cash prize because he left his teaching position and decided to travel the world to reach out to more children and adults with special needs.

Image by SBSK

While most of the special children are being bullied for their differences, Ulmer inspires and teaches them that they are worthy of respect and love and that they are going to have a profound impact in the world.

“I treat everybody with respect, I am extremely positive, and I go into interaction with the assumption that the person can understand me and they’re capable of communicating,” he said in his video.

He hopes to inspire others to take a moment instead of judging someone.

Watch one of SBSK’s recent video post shared by BBC News Facebook page:


World's favourite teacher?

Is this the world's favourite teacher?Chris Ulmer used to be a special education teacher who now travels the world giving a voice to children with disabilities. #childrenareamazingSpecial Books by Special Kids

Posted by BBC Family & Education News on Friday, March 31, 2017