Watch this! World’s Hottest Math Teacher Pietro Boselli Bares Tropical Island Workout in this hilarious vid

Pietro Boselli, more popularly known as the world’s hottest math teacher, came to visit the Philippines last month.

In his short stay for his endorsement for Bench, Boselli explored the different sights and scenes in the tropical country. He even caught the attention of some of the most beautiful celebrities in the country. But what mesmerized him more is the beauty of the islands of the Philippines.

On April 10, Boselli posted a video of his tropical island workout. In the video below, he narrated how he needs to have exercise and workout, even if he’s not in the gym – especially now that he is stranded in a tropical island in the Philippines. He then saw a petite, young islander whom he chased to serve as his weights.

In his first workout, he used the Filipino islander as his weights for shoulder strength. For the second routine, he used him as weights while doing pumps. Wet and soaked in water, Boselli complained about getting it too easy and asked for having additional weights.

The entire video is totally hilarious and that’s the reason why it has garnered 642K viewes and 3900 comments since its upload.

Watch Pietro Boselli Tropical Island workout video here: