[VIDEO/PHOTOS] Man converts porta-potties to tiny functional houses for the homeless

No one will be left homeless if you just know how to squeeze your mind in for innovations.

Literally squeeze in, this Los Angeles man named TK Devine was able to come up with a brilliant idea of having to fit in a tiny home he started to build for himself and for the homeless people to get them off the streets by converting portable toilets into tiny homes called Porta-Homes.

“I myself have lived home-free, without a home for four years running,” TK explained.

With the city’s homeless epidemic problem, he surely has a way to fix it.

Out of his inventive idea, he saw an ordinary thing that would create an extraordinary approach in giving shelters to the homeless like himself.

He got his inspiration from a portable toilet which he transformed into a fully functional space for an average person to live in where its design covers every basic essentials one would need at home—from the foldable bed, to kitchenette, and down to the bathroom.

Image capture of video via Inside Edition

“Folks who are living it rough and living on the streets and are trying to make a better life for themselves need consistency, they need a good night’s rest.”

In a video interview demonstration of his invention created by Inside Edition, he showed how he can move around in his tiny home, lying down on his trundle which he claimed to be as big as a twin bed which looked amazingly comfortable.

“I can fit a 6-foot-1 frame comfortably, usually with my shoes off as my mama taught me, right here on the bed, and it’s as big as a twin bed,” he said.

Surprisingly, there was also a portable stove top which he pulled out and a mini fridge situated below which he opened.

It might be small but its design is equally as functional as that of a normal house.

Image capture of video via Inside Edition
Image capture of video via Inside Edition

He said people thought he’s crazy, which he claimed to have been partially true, however he got his support from the Inside Edition digital reporter Mara Montalbano saying he’s crazy enough to pull it off.

With TK’s bizarre and unique concept, he aims to build more of these portable toilets transformed into a livable space for the homeless.

He is calling for help for anyone who wants to join him create more to bring to those people in need through a GoFundMe account.

Watch the video below