Viral: After a painful breakup, girl bids goodbye to her BF of almost 8 years by remembering their happy days

  • Undeniably, Karla Andrea Bonifacio was hurt when she and her boyfriend of eight years broke up
  • But instead of being a bitter person, Karla chose to bid goodbye to Gio by remembering their happy days
  • Karla wrote a long, sweet Facebook post for Gio which gained over a 128,000 reactions and more than 41,000 shares

Starting a life without the person who has been with you for almost a decade would probably take a lot of getting used to. Can you imagine how painful that could be?

But instead of feeling the pain caused by separation, a young woman chose to remember every bit of her happy memories with her ex-boyfriend; the man who had been with her for seven years and seven months.

On Facebook, Karla Andrea Bonifacio shared some of the fondest memories she had with her ex, Gio. She narrated how they began and took care of their relationship starting at the age of 14 years old; how they proved the people around them that love can be an inspiration in reaching each other’s dreams.

“We did a lot of things together. From sneaking out during high school and lying to our parents that we have to do projects after school so that Gio and I can go to mall — with only 300 pesos that we saved up from our school allowance. We’d eat in food courts & share one iced tea. But it didn’t matter actually because we were happy…. He was one of my motivations to finish school. Because I want a bright future with him. He would pick me up in school, he would help me with my projects, he would take me out to eat after a hectic day,” she said.

“He was all I see as I march during my graduation. And I can finally say, we made it. Months have passed & we both got employed. This was the time that we were able to do a lot of things. 300 peso pocket money became thousands, food courts became fancy restaurants, window shopping became real shopping, jeepneys became taxi, malls became out of town & even out of the country. He was there when my dad passed away. I was there for him when his mom passed away too. Through happiness and pain, we got each other’s back,” she continued.

After sharing their love story, she expressed her last message to Gio.

“To Gio, to the love of my life. To my constant companion, travel buddy, my shock absorber, the answer to my every whys. We’ve reached the end of the tunnel and it’s time to part ways. Thank you for holding my hand during the journey. It was a worth while journey. A journey I will forever treasure in my heart. I sincerely pray for your happiness, even if that happiness doesn’t include me anymore. I hope you reach your dreams. I may not be able to witness it anymore, but know that I will be cheering you from afar. You deserve to be happy, you deserve to love again. And I do too,” she wrote.

Karla stated further that she has no regrets over loving Gio and that loving him was one of the best decisions she had ever made.

“One day, I know we’ll cross paths again. One day, I can look at you in the eyes and I won’t feel hurt anymore. One day, we’ll talk about how much we’ve loved each other and that helped us love another person. You will always have a special place in my heart. And let’s believe in love again. It’s okay. We will be okay. One day, I believe we can be friends again,” she added.

Surprisingly, Karla’s Facebook post has gotten nearly 140,000 reactions and more than 44,000 shares. Comments? Well, nearing 35,000 as of posting…. and a number of them were able to relate to her sad story. So many gave their encouragement, but then again…she didn’t expect there are those who would be sleuthing deeper into her story.

Her request, as of April 3:  “Please let’s keep the girl out of it. Please i don’t mean any harm. Things happened for a reason. It just didn’t work out. Please let’s stop na. And let’s all move on. I am reading every comment and how i wish i can reply to all of you. Thank you for all your words of encouragement. It means so much to me! But please, i didn’t expect my post to be viral.I just really wanted to bid my goodbye. My Facebook friends who believed in us since day 1 deserve to know that there is no more Gio & karla. Super hirap na ko mag alibi pag may nagtatanong bakit hindi ko sya kasama. It was hard pretending that we are still together. I didn’t expect for my post to be viral. I just wanted a graceful exit.”

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