VIRAL: Fresh grad writes message on FB, says he survived college by borrowing money

  • A fresh graduate inspires other people by posting a lengthy graduation message on Facebook revealing how he managed to finish school
  • Christian Jeanoe Losa took up BSHRM Major in Cruise Management
  • He reveals that at age 16  he managed to avail of loans ranging from P20,000 to P30,000

“Nangutang, nagbayad, naka-graduate.”

These are but a few words out of a lengthy graduation message written by a fresh college graduate named Christian Jeanoe Losa. It was a message of hope and perseverance and his ordeal in making ends meet one day at a time as he tried his best to survive college.

Losa, who took up BSHRM Major in Cruise Management, shared the difficulties that he had to endure after losing his mother at an early age, an article published by Inquirer  mentioned.

Despite the fact that his father is an overseas Filipino worker in Saudi Arabia, Losa said it was never easy especially when there was a crisis in the Middle East wherein his father failed to send money for six months.

Losa revealed that at the early age of 16 he managed to avail of loans ranging from P20,000 to P30,000 as he added that he resorted to buy and sell and other activities to sustain his educational needs. Worst thing is that there were instances where he had to skip classes and important exams.

In his message, the young graduate recalled those times he did not go to school because he was so broke. Those moments when he would wake up and start thinking so much.

Further, he wrote there were times that some of his classmates would give him money for his meals and for many times he did not take the exams because of the school’s “No permit No Exam” policy.

During these cases, he said, he had to find someone willing to lend money so he could catch up for the exam as he went on stating that sometimes he has to leave the classroom to avoid embarrassment in case he would be asked to produce the receipt for the exam fee.

In his message, he also recounted that in those times when he had money, he opted to use it wisely. He bought gadgets so that in times of need he would have something to pawn. He said he even bought shoes and paid in installments.

As such, the new graduate said he was able to pay everyone whom he had asked money from with the help of his father; expressing gratitude to those who assisted him in his education.

The most touching part of his graduation message was when he offered his achievement to his family.

In the end, Losa said although he did not graduate with honors he is happy to share his story and inspire others especially those who have less in life.

Here’s the full content of his graduate message which he posted in his Facebook  account and  has garnered more than 47,000 shares and 259,000 reactions on social media.