[Viral] Guy married to single mom advises peers: Don’t be afraid to love a single mom, raise her kids

  • Epic advice of man married to single mom with 2 kids going viral on social media
  • He told peers not to be afraid of entering into a relationship with a single mother
  • He also told them to love her kids, be proud she has managed to raise them on her own

MANILA, Philippines – Hats off to this guy for dispensing epic relationship advice!

Currently going viral on social media sites like Proud Bisaya is Kimark Futalan’s post encouraging guys not to be afraid of falling in love with single mothers and raising their children as their own.

The post — accompanied by a picture of Futalan together with his wife Angel Garcia and her two children from a previous relationship outside a Jollibee restaurant — advised men not to be turned off by stereotypes related to dating single mothers. Instead, they should love their partner’s children and be proud of the fact that the latter managed to raise them all on their own before they ever came along.

“Buddy, don’t have second thoughts falling in love with a woman who has a kid. You may not have been the reason why he/she was born, but you can be the reason he/she grows up to be a good person. You don’t need the child to be your own flesh and blood for you to make a stand,” he wrote. “Love him/her just like you love his/her mother, you have to love them with the same magnitude you love your partner. Don’t be ashamed, take care of her and be proud because they did not abandon their children even though they were single mothers.”

Futalan also revealed how good it was to be regarded as a father by his wife’s children.

“It’s nice to be called ‘papa’, ‘dadi’ or even ‘mommy’, it’s not important whether or not they came from you, what’s more important is that you really have the heart to love her and her children.”

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