[VIRAL] Hilarious text conversation between father and son prompts other netizens to share same experience with their parents

Parents know exactly what you need, and what you have been up to even before you say it.

Their eyes are like that of a hawk’s and their memories don’t usually deteriorate when it comes to remembering your whereabouts.

It’s normal when you ask permission that you were given loads of advice before even granted approval to leave.

These instances might sometimes ruin your day, but eventually will make you smile and laugh because of their never ending sermons that were unintentionally converted to hilarious compilation of discourses with them.

A perfect example of a humor-filled father and son conversation was posted by a netizen @asstineong to his Tweeter account where he took screenshots of their text thread.

Apparently about to ask his dad of going out with a message that only reads “pa,” he was surprised to get a cranky series of texts even before he could start the conversation.

So far, this recent post of him got nearly 7K retweets and almost 38K likes.

Here’s another one:

Image by Ast Ong

His tweets earned various comments that expressed how they were able to relate to such hilarious instance.

Here are some of the text compilation screenshots of those commenters that share the same experience with their parents.

Image via Twitter

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Instagram, KAMI