Viral: ‘Travel video’ of a guy’s #TeamBahay summer getaway

  • A guy did a parody of travel videos by mimicking travel shots in his own home
  • The video came with the hashtag #TeamBahay
  • It reached more than a million views since posting on Facebook

It’s so hot outside and most people just want to go to the beach to take a dip and cool off  in this intense summer heat.

Admit it, sometimes time and budget often constraints us from enjoying a summer getaway. But a Facebook user didn’t let this stop him from enjoying summertime.

Instead of traveling to the nearest beach, Jay Oesja did his best to entertain himself by making a travel video of his “summer getaway” — right inside his house!

In the video that has reached 1 million views since posting, Jay parodized the common poses and shots of travelers in their travel videos. Plus, his shots were taken with a Go Pro camera – the most common gadget used by travelers to capture the moments of their trip.

There’s Jay falling into – instead of a deep blue sea – a bed with blue sheets. He also has several shots as if he’s cliffdiving but it’s all just different parts of their home. One of the most hilarious ones too is when he acted he was cruising on a motorbike.

“Travel ba kamo 😀 Just Watch and Enjoy! :)” he wrote as caption to his video posted last April 15.

It really looked like Jay had a fun time doing the video and Facebook users sure had a laugh trip as they watched it.

Here’s the video!

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