Viral video: A man’s regret for leaving his wife for a younger and more attractive woman

“I should’ve bought you flowers and held your hand, should’ve gave you all my hours when I had the chance.”

This part of Bruno Mars’ song reflects how a man feels after leaving his wife for a younger and more attractive woman — and realizing, in the end, that he had lost a very wonderful person.

“Some men just don’t appreciate what they have. This guy certainly didn’t,” captioned the video it shared on Facebook.

The video featured the story of a man who realized the worth of the wife he left behind when she was already happily in love with someone else.

“My ex was flabby, unkempt, didn’t shave, and bad drroopy breasts. I no longer found her attractive…. Exactly a year after I left her, I saw her again. She was glowing and had lost weight. She was once again beautiful. She no longer showed the wear-and-tear of years,” he shared.

It was too late when he realized why she became less attractive.

“She got cellulite because she no longer had time to go to the gym. She had to take care of the kids at home. She didn’t have time to dress nicely. The little time she have, she gave to me and forgot to take care of herself. Instead, she changed diapers and breastfed until her breasts sagged and she was proud of that,” he said.

Now it’s too late, she is already with someone else.

“I was foolish to trade true beauty for the superficial. I have lost this woman forever because I was unable to recognize and treasure the true worth of a dedicated housewife and mother. Now someone else will do that,” he continued.

The video got over 21 million views and more than 478,000 shares, as of posting.

Watch this vid: