[VIRAL VIDEO] Angry passenger fumes at Uber driver, gets slammed by co-rider

Proper attitude will get you to places! That’s definitely true, but if you have the opposite, it will also get you somewhere.. in the bash trash!

A viral video of an irate passenger who was annoyed with an UBerpool driver, and who later got into a heated conversation with a co-passenger, is currently circulating on social media

Because of the accusation of the rude passenger towards the Uber pool driver for allegedly making her wait as he went to a wrong pick-up location, the netizen – Gee San Pedro  – who uploaded the video on Monday, April 3, tried to mediate and pacify the situation by educating the woman to refrain from yelling and cursing at the driver.

The woman, on the other hand, feeling further agitated kept telling San Pedro to shut up; saying she doesn’t need his explanation on the proper use of Uberpool.

“Nagagalit ka ? Buy your own car,” San Pedro said.

The enraged woman who was still insistent with her point continued to fume and kept on telling her co-passenger to shut up, which made San Pedro lose his composure.

“You cannot shut me up because bastos ka.” […because you have no manners.]

“Hindi ka dapat nag-Uuber dapat nagta-taxi ka, ‘yang ugaling ganyan pang taxi ‘yan!” [You should have taken a taxi instead, with that kind of attitude!]

As of posting, the video has gained more than 3.7M views, 36K reactions, over 27K shares and 1,200 comments; earning him support from the netizens for standing up for the driver against the ill-mannered woman who has since been the subject of bashing.

Watch below how the conversation ended up:

Since mahal ang uberx pauwi i decided to choose uberpool frm 191 to 131 pesos nakatipid ako ng bongga. While on our way…

Posted by Gee San Pedro on Sunday, April 2, 2017