[Viral Video] So Hilarious! Pinay shares clip of her “fight for love” convo with AFAM husband

Rising Youtube personality “Madam Kilay” shared her most recent videos on her Facebook page on April 21,2017, Friday.

Vid shows the singer-comedian based in the US together with her foreign husband as they candidly talk about love—  and if he would fight for her in the name of love.

This viral video has online users  hooked; basing on comments which have reached more than 58,200 as of posting time!

The hysterically funny couple, while in bed, talks about real life scenarios through a series of questions thrown by Madam K to her husband. What makes their conversation funnier is Madam K’s ‘difficulty’ in communicating with her English-speaking husband and the ‘tricks’ added to the clip.

The video started when the foreign husband told his Pinay wife not to cheat on him and the Pinay asked, “If I cheat, if I cheat… of course I’m beautiful…what if there’s someone like me?” The husband responded in the most casual manner, “I don’t care”.

Madam K’s confidence is remarkable; saying that she’s beautiful, that her face is so rare and what if someone’s gonna flirt with her? You just got to watch her husband’s reaction and how he answered her “what ifs.”

The video, which has over 7 million views and more than 151K shares as of posting, ended up with a sweet kiss and a clear answer that no matter what happens he would fight for her despite the language barrier.

Comments are so interesting and so funny, too.

Let’s enjoy this sweet exchange between this couple!