[VIRAL VIDEO] Wife wins $50M in lottery then wants divorce — later turns out to be the most epic backfire ever!

Nobody saw it coming?

$50 million dollars is a pretty big amount. With this whopping sum, you can do whatever you want — travel the whole world, buy stuffs you have long been dreaming of, dole out some to the poor, get new cars, or even file for divorce.

It’s no secret that filing for a divorce is way too costly. Though it differs from countries and states, still you would need a large amount of money to get through the whole process — from hiring a lawyer, handling court fees, marshal fees, down to filing fees, and so on..

That’s why some couples who couldn’t afford to pay for it, don’t have a choice but to patiently wait until the right time comes that they have enough money to go on with the whole proceedings.

In an article by Viral4Real, a video clip was shared from Tom Mabe’s Facebook account; which shows a wife who just won the lottery worth $50 million dollars. She couldn’t believe she hit the jackpot. The first thing that came into her mind was to divorce her husband.

Right there and then, she spoke out to her partner that she badly wanted a divorce because according to her they were both living miserably with each other.

Unfortunately, it was only a prank pulled off by her husband Tom Mabe. He bought Powerball tickets with the previous week’s winning numbers and got a recorded video of the winning draw broadcast.

So then, he started to play the video and called out his wife to watch. The woman immediately grabbed the ticket inside her bag hoping to get her luck. While watching, Tom stayed in the bathroom; afraid he might spoil the prank because he couldn’t contain his laughter.

As soon as it ended, the woman appears to be in shock; thinking she won $50  million dollars. She was silent with her mouth wide open, still couldn’t believe her fortune until Tom came out to ask what happened.

His wife instantaneously asked him for a divorce which left him dumbfounded. She said that their relationship was over and that nothing has been working for them for a long time.

“We won! We won! We can afford to get a divorce now, I can buy a house, you can buy a house. We can do this! This has not been working for a long time,” the wife exclaimed knowing they won the lottery.

Tom never thought that his wife would react like this.

However, it turned out that the wife caught the prank and instantly came up with her own; pulling off the biggest reversal ever!

Check Tom Mabe’s video below for the hilarious prank that backfired at him:


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Posted by Tom Mabe on Thursday, April 13, 2017