[Watch] A mother’s heartache over son’s ill treatment of her, Tulfo of Radyo Singko mediates

A mother cries for help on a radio program after she was mistreated by her own son. She was reportedly sent away from her own house as her stuff was thrown in the streets. She also received a very painful dirty finger on her face and worse, got threatened with a knife.

Nida Dones, the mother, allowed her son, Rico Dones, together with his family to live in her old house.

She still visits the house from time to time. But every time her son Rico gets drunk, he becomes so aggressive towards his mother and tells her to go away, saying foul words, and hurts her.

This irked the host of Radyo Singko 92.3 FM Raffy Tulfo and he tried to talk to Rico via a phone interview during the radio program.

Rico repeatedly denied the accusations of his mother, but the host believes that the mother, backed up by her youngest daughter who was also in the studio, would not make silly stories just to destroy the reputation of her own son on a live broadcast.

The host suggested to Nida that their team will help her file a criminal case to Rico Dones for him to be imprisoned if that’s ok with her.

But a mother’s love is like no other. She does not want to see her son in jail, but she can no longer tolerate what her son does to her. She just wants to hear an apology from her son.

Then Raffy Tulfo said his own piece to Rico; reminding him that mothers should not be disrespected. He warned the son that in the event he repeats his ill treatment of his mother, Tulfo himself will be the one to assist his mother to the police to facilitate his arrest.

Rico immediately realized that Tulfo wasn’t talking in jest, so he admitted his faults and apologized to his mother; promising not to do those things again.

With her unconditional love, Nida accepted the apology right there and then and all seems well for both parties.

After the radio program, Tulfo gave Nida his contact numbers, just in case Rico will return to his bad habits of hurting her. Tulfo also promised that their team will immediately call the cops if needed.

For documentation, the problem was filed, discussed and further resolved at their Barangay Hall. It was stated by Nida that her son Rico once threatened her with a knife, and tried to slap her face with slippers.

But it’s all in the past now, and hopefully there will be no repeats of such incidents.

Both parties also agreed that Rico’s family will leave Nida’s house in two weeks time.

Watch the video posted on Facebook by Raffy Tulfo in Action:

Isang Inay lumuluha habang isinusumbong ang ginawang pagpapalayas sa kanya ng kanyang anak sa mismong pamamahay niya.Ang mga damit at gamit ni Nanay inilabas raw sa kalye ng kanyang anak. Sinasampal ng tsinelas at minumura pa siya ng anak niyang ito. Nilalabasan pa niya ng itak si Nanay.Mapang-aping anak napilitan mag public apology matapos makatikim ng mura kay Idol Raffy.#raffytulfoinactionwww.youtube.com/raffytulfoofficialwww.raffytulfoinaction.com

Posted by Raffy Tulfo on Wednesday, April 26, 2017