Watch Arjo Atayde caught dancing like a girl — Is he coming out of the closet?

As we all know, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) people in the Philippines have been generally tolerated, if not accepted, nowadays. They have yet to gain the respect of the society, as prevalent discrimination is still eminent.

Well, one of the Philippine TV actors– Juan Carlos Campo Atayde, better known as Arjo Atayde, was placed in a controversial seat where he was questioned for his gender preference.

Arjo is currently portraying the role of Joaquin Tuazon in the primetime series of ABS-CBN, Ang Probinsyano. He is known for his outstanding talent in acting which he obviously got from his veteran mother actress Sylvia Sanchez.

His being good on the TV screen as an actor is nothing new, but what the people are going crazy about was his dance moves that he first publicly showed off on ASAP stage.

However, the netizens were more surprised when a video of him dancing surfaced on the internet. It was not just an ordinary dance moves but a contentious one which exposed his ability to dance like that of a woman.

The clip was uploaded on Youtube by Avid Fan on April 22; taken at a gym where he does his workout.

Though there were commenters who admired him for being loose and all that, exposing a different side of him despite his serious acting roles, there were also those who were not fended off giving serious thoughts of him being gay.

It was noted that last year during the blogger’s conference of the show ‘The Greatest Love’ which just recently ended, his mother Sylvia Sanchez revealed that she assumed Arjo was gay since her son used to play dolls when he was young and that 70% of his friends were members of the LGBT community, as per Push story.

Netizens were quick to judge basing from the actor’s mother’s perspective and the footage which showed him dancing in a feminine manner.

It remains a hanging thought whether Arjo is gay or not. Regardless, there is nothing wrong with what he chooses to become.

Just like everybody else, he is entitled of his own personal discretion.

Watch the video below and see for yourself: