Watch: Drunk driver ‘eats grass’ in a bid to pass breath test, still gets fined

A drunk driver in China tried to avoid getting fined by eating grass in his bid to pass the ‘sobriety test’, but failed miserably and still got the ticket.

In a story on South China Morning Post, the man supposedly pulled over about 80 meters before reaching a traffic police checkpoint in Yiwu in Zhejiang province last Monday.

Sensing something was wrong, the police went after him and quickly caught up with the man who quickly denied he was drunk, or even driving the car. But the cops suspected otherwise and asked the drunken motorist to take a breathalyzer test.

In a desperate attempt to avoid being charged, the man pulled out some weed around him and shove them into his mouth before repeatedly munching on them.

“The driver probably wanted to change his blood alcohol level by eating grass. We kept telling him, don’t eat grass. He didn’t listen, he didn’t stop pulling or eating the grass,” the police were quoted as saying.

The man was forcibly taken to a hospital to undergo blood test and, as expected, failed in the result. He still have no idea what fine he would get.

The video has gone viral on Chinese social media and netizens ridiculed the driver for what he did.

“This driver is doomed. Drunk driving will just land you a fine, but eating precious protected grass could get you over 10 years in jail,” one netizen commented, while another said the guy’s zodiac sign must be a cow.