Watch: How a former soldier turns into a real-life Iron Man

A former soldier has turned into a real-life Iron Man because of a costume which he uses to hover above the ground.

On YouTube, Bored Panda uploaded a video of former soldier Richard Browning while trying his new costume.

Browning designed a costume that uses miniaturized jet engines and twin fuel bladders which enables him to hover above the ground. A heads-up display sends a live feed of resources when airborne. Meanwhile, Browning uses his physical skills to keep floating.

This, however, is only the first step. Richard founded the Gravity Industries which aims to push manned flight into new heights by developing human propulsion technology.

Watch how a costume enables a man to move like Iron Man:

Now that you’ve watched Richard Browning’s video, take a look at this compilation of Iron Man’s flying scenes!  Then compare!