Watch: Lauren admits being jealous of elder sister Miss World 2013 Megan

Actress Lauren Young admitted that she used to get jealous of her elder sister Miss World 2013 Megan Young.

“With Megan, I do get jealous of her. No, it’s not even because I’m like, ‘I should have every thing that you have.’ It’s just a natural thing. We’re sisters,” Lauren said in a press conference.

Lauren said that because Megan is older than her, she was the one who experienced everything first.

“She’s older than me. So growing up, she would be the one to experience all these things first and get certain items first or also like, the attention of my mom, my dad, dahil siya ‘yong panganay. And she was the first one in everyone’s eyes and I have a brother pa, and then I’m the bunso,” she shared.

“Like one time, I was looking through all our family photos, ang dami-dami ng kay Megan. Siyempre panganay, first baby. Tapos iyong kuya ko, madami din kasi first boy. No’ng ako na, nasaan ‘yong mga pictures ko? I was like, ‘Did you guys just forget about me?’ I was like, ‘You guys don’t love me. I’m adopted,” she continued.

When they grew up, however, Lauren said she just realized that they are both “very different” people and the things that she used to get jealous about were “very petty” things.

“Now they don’t matter because I have other interests and she has other interests, as well,” she stated.

Watch a video clip from the press conference where Lauren admitted being jealous of Megan before:

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