[Watch] Two men tries to rob shop in Milan, one gets badly beaten by the couple shop owners

  • Two armed men tried to rob a store in Milan’s Chinatown
  • They got pepper-sprayed and one of them was beaten by the Chinese owner and his wife
  • The couple were praised for their bravery and the video has gone viral on Chinese social media

Two men who tried to rob a shop in Milan’s Chinatown ended up being peppered-spray by the Chinese owner, with one of them getting beaten badly.

In the surveillance clip shared on You Tube, two masked men who were apparently armed with knives, stormed a store. They then demanded the day’s earnings from the owner who was only waiting for the right moment to attack.

As they were opening the cash register, the owner closed it; prompting one of them to jump over the counter. The owner can be seen retreating into the room behind and returned with a pepper spray.

He sprayed both the robbers who quickly tried to run towards the exit but the quick-thinking owner grabbed one of them by the pants before the latter could escape.

The brave shopkeeper then started punching the robber who was trying desperately to break away from the hold.

Unfortunately, the owner’s wife came and joined the fray. She then started kicking the hapless suspect who struggled to get up and attempted to flee. He was eventually arrested by a police officer outside.

According to Shanghaiist, the video went viral on Chinese social media and the couple were praised by netizens for their bravery.

Watch the footage: