Watch: Video clip of Sesame Street episode introducing a muppet with autism goes viral

A video clip from a recent Sesame Street episode, which introduced a muppet with autism, was posted on Twitter and have started to get retweeted and favorited as the same .

On Twitter, Common White Girl tweeted the video clip featuring a conversation about a muppet with autism.

“A muppet with autism will make its debut on Sesame Street. This makes me so happy,” the Twitter account captioned the video.

In the video, Big Bird is asking a little Julia about her drawing. She, however, does not mind him. Big Bird gets upset, thinking that she does not like him.

An adult, on the other hand, explains: “She has autism, and she likes it when people know that. For Julia, it means that she might not answer you straight away. And she may not do what you expect, like give you a high five.”

The video clip has gained more than 25,ooo retweets and over 55,ooo favorites, as of posting. A lot of Twitter users also said they were touched by the episode. Watch:

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