Young father quits job, dresses up as Pikachu to raise money for his 1-year-old daughter’s treatment

A 24-year-old father in China decided to quit his job as a construction worker and find a much better way of earning money for his daughter’s treatment.

Liu Yuehu, as mentioned in a Shanghaiist story, has a 1-year-old daughter named Yu Yan who was recently diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia. Doctors gave the sick kid a 70% chance of surviving, but the cost of hospitalization is astronomical enough to drain the family’s bank account.

Desperate for money, the father resigned from his job in April, arguing that he could only receive his wages by the end of the year and needed some serious cash now. His wife could not help him that much in financial matter as she was relegated to attending to their daughter at the hospital.

He then bought a Pikachu costume from an online store. Upon hearing his sad story, the store gave him the costume for free.

Yuehu then set out to look for an appropriate spot and found it inside a Chengdu train station. For weeks now, he has been a fixture there; asking anyone who would want to take a picture with him dressed up as Pikachu.

Image from Shanghaiist

The father does not ask for any specific amount but he carries a piece of paper announcing that he is raising money for his daughter’s leukemia treatment.

He also brought medical papers to support his story for anyone who have doubts.

So far, Yuehu has raised more than 13,000 yuans, mostly coming from commuters moved by his heartbreaking tale. However, he admitted the amount is still hundreds of thousands short of their target.

Their daily medical bills cost around 3,000 yuans and they have already spent 160,000 from their family savings.

Nevertheless, the father is determined to go on and to never, ever give up for his beloved daughter.