Real life drama: Man restrained by complete strangers for two hours after threatening to jump from bridge

North London, United Kingdom –  A man was restrained by complete strangers and police officers who tied him up and at the same time held him for two hours to stop him from jumping.

This incident took place in Golders Green, North London according to Mail Online.

Witness Nigel Howard said: “The crowd wanted to see what was going on, but there was also a bit of frustration among others because people weren’t even allowed to cross the road to get home.

“The police were all very friendly, but people wanted to get home and see their families after a long day at work.

“There were quite a few gasps and shocked faces, but a lot of people did not actually realize what was going on until it was pointed out to them.”

A spokesman from the Metropolitan Police confirmed that the man had been detained under the Mental Health Act.