After 2 decades, Camille Prats reunites with cast of ‘Sarah… Ang Munting Prinsesa’

  • After 22 years, actress Camille Prats reunited with the other cast of ‘Sarah… Ang Munting Prinsesa’
  • In the movie, Camille Prats played the role of the main character Princess Sarah
  • Also in the get together were the ones who portrayed the famous roles of Lottie and Ermengarde

After two decades, actress Camille Prats and some of girls in the iconic 90s movie “Sarah… Ang Munting Prinsesa” had a reunion last Saturday, April 29.

On Instagram, Prats shared some of the photos taken during their get-together.

“Remember the girls from #SarahAngMuntingPrinsesa? Got to reunite with some of them yesterday over merienda and coffee. Can’t believe its been almost 22 years ago!” Prats captioned the photos she shared.

Aside from Prats, who played the role of the main character Princess Sarah, also present were Ani Pearl Alonzo and Kathleen Go Quien who portrayed the famous characters of Lottie and Ermengarde, respectively.

As of posting, Prats’ post has gained more than 16,000 favorites.

“Sarah… Ang Munting Prinsesa” is a 1995 Filipino family-drama film adapted from the 1985 Nippon Animation anime Princess Sarah, which in turn was based on the children’s novel A Little Princess by British playwright and author Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Nostalgic, right? Watch this short video clip from “Sarah… Ang Munting Prinsesa”: