Bungee jump goes wrong: Distressing moment woman hits riverbed leaping off a 15m Bridge

Santa Cruz, Bolivia – A young woman on a holiday trip in Bolivia has miraculously survived after she plunged 15m into the shallows of a river bed.

A video captures the horrifying moment as she hits the water; followed by two of the bungee jump crew members who rushed to her assistance.

In front of several spectators, she jumps, and as the rope is too long, a loud splash can be heard as she hits an ankle-deep water hard.

Shyrleny Cuchallo Ribera, who was in the area with her family, witnessed the terrible accident and told news site Pulzo.com: “The victim received treatment for half an hour … everyone was in a state of shock”.

“It was horrible to see a girl so young in such a state,” she said.

The woman received minor injuries and was discharged from a private medical clinic on Monday.

Bungee jump organizer, Andean Trek, put the incident down to “human error”.

“This is the first time its happened to us in our many years of experience (in bungee jumping). It was human error.”

Regardless if it is human error or not, we should always bear in mind the words “Safety first!”

Watch the horrifying video here.