Chinese Tower demolition surprise: “We have warned people”

Changzhou, China – Pedestrians in a southern Chinese city had little or no warning when a 12-floor building was suddenly demolished.

A video captures the dramatic scene where it shows the panicked reaction of people in the city of Changzhou when the Zhonglian building was blown up by a demolition team last Tuesday.

Footage captured the screams where passersby are panicking and running back as clouds of dust spill into the streets of Changzhou.

The building was torn down to make way for a planned rail line, reports local news agency Sina.

A spokesman for Changzhou city authority said officials ensured the building was empty and traffic in the area was halted but video showed many pedestrians apparently unaware of its destruction

We are not demolition experts, but it would appear that someone screwed up here. City officials said that prior to the demolition; traffic on roads running beside the condemned building had been halted.

Watch the video here.