‘Community Fridge’ to feed the hungry and the homeless

Food should be shared, not wasted.

Vagrants in the roads starve to death even with billions of huge amounts of food getting squandered each year.

With about 50 percent of the world’s food going to waste yearly, the problem is so much bigger than what we think.

As reported by the ‘Institution of Mechanical Engineers’, there’s as much as two billion tons of food produced around the world that was never consumed by humans; that’s why they’re calling out for the governments’ action to minimize, if not eradicate the wasteful practices and think of transport infrastructure and storage plans.

Nevertheless, it is but of high hopes and regards to know that there is a ‘community fridge’ in London market that was launched to provide food for the needy. It enables anyone to put, and take food from it. Rather than discarding their excess food, individuals can leave their food there, and the hungry can get whatever they want.

“Anyone can come and use the fridge, and we don’t judge people for doing so,” said Ben Longman, co-founder of ‘The People’s Fridge’ in Brixton.

“So if you’re hungry, you can come and use the fridge. If you see something in there that you like, come and use the fridge,” he added.

He got the idea from a refrigerator in Somerset, then crowd funded the money. The cooler is filled by shops, restaurants, or any individual who has food to spare, as disclosed by the BBC News.

“I think it’s brilliant. I’ve been here before but I’ve brought the grandchildren here to show them,” one supporter said.

Meanwhile, BrixtonBuzz has also reported that there were several similar refrigerators that were already put up in Spain, Germany, and India to cut food waste, encourage food sharing and help tackle food poverty.

This concept of setting up a ‘people’s fridge’ around the globe would definitely help feed the hungry and the homeless, thus food would be shared, and wastage would be eliminated.