Faith in Humanity restored! Strangers rescue dying infant from overturned car as floodwater rises in Texas

Texas, USA – Tornadoes ripped through Texas on Saturday claiming at least 14 lives, but the toll could have been higher if not for a group of good strangers who rushed to rescue a father, a toddler, and an infant from their truck that flipped over and submerged in rushing water.

Phillip Ocheltree, 25, of Wills Point, Texas, was driving home with his two kids in the backseat after tornadoes ripped through the state on Saturday, when he said his truck flipped because of the rushing waters trapping him, his infant son, Marshal, and little girl, Addyson. The rising water surrounded the car making it impossible to open the doors.

After seeing the flipped truck, strangers rushed to open the car and struggled for several minutes until one man, wearing a red T-shirt and a cap was able to get inside and grab Marshal from the backseat.

This amazing video was recorded by local resident Tom Mitchell in Mrytle Springs, Texas as bystanders rushed to free the trapped children and their father.

“[The water was] moving fast enough that they can’t get the doors open,” Mitchell told WFAA News in Texas.

According to WFAA, Mitchell started CPR while others called for help and prayed.  The good Samaritans quick action at the scene helped saved the two children.

WFAA-TV reported that the father, infant and toddler are now on the mend.