Family adopts a baby without limbs from the Philippines: ‘What she lacks in limbs she more than makes up for in personality”

Utah, USA – When a couple struggles with infertility, they resort to adoption. If only it was that simple. Apparently, more than two million families are actively trying to adopt. Usually a couple adopts a baby that is normal – able to walk, able to run and able to play.

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A family from Utah was then browsing through a list of children who were up for adoption when they found 6-month-old Maria, a Filipina baby who was born without arms and legs.

American couple Adrianne and Jason Stewart fell in love instantly with Maria when they saw her photo at an orphanage in Cavite, the Philippines, about two years ago.

The couple said that they never expected to adopt a baby with special needs, since they are already a family of five.

Maria is the second child the Stewarts adopted from the Philippines, after delivering two biological children.

“We chose the Philippines because I had served my mission there and I knew the culture, I knew the people,” Jason Stewart said via FOX 59.

After adopting their son Joshua, Adrianne had a feeling there was another girl waiting for them.

“I just had the feeling that there was someone missing from our family,” Adrianne Stewart said.

“She’s come a long way in the past year and a half. When they first picked her up from the Philippines she couldn’t hold her head up. Now she’s learning how to eat by herself, draw, and she’s going to preschool two times a week.”

“She’s full of light and joy. We wake up every day with a smile on our face because of her.”

Maria’s story has a happy ending but it makes us wonder about all those kids that are  left behind in orphanages.

There are so many children in the world who needs a a family. And they’re all worthy and  they’re all worth it.