[Video] Labor Day Special: Pinoy at Heart Jeff James brings OFWs to the frontline with his song “Bayaning Tunay”

It’s a special day in the Philippines as Labor Day is celebrated in different ways.

This year the Hawaiian hitmaker foreignoy Jeff James who has learned to love the country and its people decided to hail the overseas Filipino workers through a song “Bayaning Tunay” that tells of the love the OFWs have for their families back home.

In his many years of stay in the country, he noted how love takes on a whole different meaning and it’s because of the big hearts of the Pinoys, he said.

Speaking in our language, he said: “Dito sa Philippines, nakita ko ang true meaning ng love and for me, that’s how Filipinos show love to their families. It’s so touching how Filipinos respect and value the elders and their extended families.”

Jeff James won 2013 Most Promising International Male Singer Performer of The Year by Top Brand Awards and People’s Choice Asia Awards Best New International Male Performer 2013 for his Entry “Lets Not Pretend” and “Hawaiian Girls”.

In 2014, he captured the hearts of many Filipinos by making his own version of Tagalog songs on YouTube which became viral and trending in social media and featured in many different TV shows.

He released his album “GoGoGo” under GMA records in Philippines in December 2014, and in 2015 he joined Eat Bulaga’s “You’re My Foreignoy”; a contest for foreigners who are currently living in the Philippines.  He bagged the “Dabarkads Choice Awards”, “Best in Talent” and the Title of “You’re My Foreignoy Mindanao”. He was the most popular among the “foreignoys” that competed in the grand finals.

Because he has learned to love Pinoy music, he also joined ABS CBN’S I Love OPM in the early part of 2016.

Pertaining to his song for OFWs, it was by chance that he met Mommyjoyce, a woman who took in streetchildren and put them back to school since 2011, and kind as he is, 28-year-old Jeff became a values booster to the 43 kids; visiting them a number of times.

Kuya Jeff doing the “Pak Ganern” with the Definitely Filipino K-Iskolars

In the course of their friendship, Jeff came to know of the composer side of the kind woman and he instantly loved the song she wrote for OFWs and those who locally work away from home; sacrificing themselves for the sake of their loved ones.

Hence, the musicmaker and the caregiver joined forces to come up with the song tribute to those who are true heroes in their own very special way  —  battling loneliness and hard work daily and for so many years  —  for the betterment of their loved ones.

Why “Bayaning Tunay?”

Because it takes so much courage to work away from home, away from your family, facing different kinds of danger and challenges and having to battle daily such longing for one’s family. It’s a daily struggle and many have failed, but still many others do the extreme sacrifice for the sake of their loved ones’ future.

Salute to Filipino workers! Salute to Kuya Jeff for his heartwarming tribute song!

“Bayaning Tunay” is also available on iTunes and Spotify.