Viral video: MMA fighter pummels “Tai Chi master” in 10 seconds flat

  • Video showing MMA fighter pulverizing “Tai Chi master” in China going viral
  • Both fighters accepted results of match
  • Fight also roused debate about the strength of traditional Chinese martial arts

A viral video showing the lopsided victory of a mixed martial artist over a “Tai Chi” master in Western China has triggered debate over the efficacy of traditional Chinese martial arts against modern combat sports.

The one-sided match saw MMA fighter and coach Xu “Madman” Xiadong” taking just 10 seconds to pummel Wei Lei — founder of the “Thunder” style of Tai Chi — into submission in front of a crowd of onlookers.

The fight was set after the two debated on the effectiveness of traditional Chinese martial arts online. According to Wei, Xu dismissed Tai Chi and other similar arts as useless.

“Since Xu insulted Tai Chi so strongly, including cursing at our ancestors, I thought there was no room for cooperation between us,” the South China Morning Post quoted him as saying.

After the match, however, both victor and loser accepted the results of their match without pomp.

“All of China’s martial arts masters were watching … I will do what I should do. Everyone should calmly use their independent thinking abilities,” Xu said.

“I lost. Everyone who wanted to get in on the fun all saw it! I lost, but it is not a problem. I accept this result,” Wei said, on the other hand.

Among martial arts fans and enthusiasts, however, the debate is far from closed — with many calling the match as proof that traditional Chinese martial arts are essentially useless in the face of modern disciplines.

Others also gave sobering opinions on the issue.

“Tai chi is for exercise purposes, so in practice it cannot match up to modern fighting styles,” one said. “Otherwise, everyone in the military would have learned Tai chi.”