[VIRAL VIDEO] Social Experiment: Man dumps a nerdy waitress over a supermodel

How do we define beautiful?

Hearing the word would somewhat make some girls check themselves in the mirror if they fit such definition. Others would even try to run through a list of insecurities in their mind basing from what they see on television.

Moreover, the boys on the other hand make it more justifiable to lay down the characteristics summing up the word ‘beautiful.’

When did the idea of beautiful change? As defined by Meriam dictionary, the word ‘beautiful’ is an adjective that describes a noun that is generally pleasing. Therefore, it is subjective— meaning it depends on one’s own personal perception.

In today’s society, what men see on TV, sets what is beautiful to them and what is definitely not.

That’s why, it appears as though ladies are moving to be at their absolute best, yet what for? So they can resemble the lady they saw on TV, on billboards, and on magazines so men would perhaps find them attractive?

Unfortunately, most of the men today are inclined towards women who pretty much look like those leading ladies they see on movies or the skinny models who appear on fashion shows flaunting their bodies over typical gals who dress and look normal without excessive retouch and whatsoever.

A social experiment made by MAXMAN.TV further proved the claims that men prefer gorgeous women over natural looking ones.

The man on the video dismissed a friendly nerdy server when she attempted to ask him out. He said that he needs to get his work done and after which go see his mom in the hospital. The geeky waitress felt sorry for him and left sadly.

Minutes later… A ravishing supermodel moved towards him and inquired as to whether he could take her around town. The man quickly concurs! What happened to his mother in the hospital a couple of minutes ago?

Watch below the nerdy waitress vs. the supermodel prank: