CBCP: In the name of God, stop the killings! 

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MAYNILA, Pilipinas – Naglabas ng opisyal na pahayag ang Catholics Bishop Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) sa gitna ng sunod-sunod na pagpatay sa mga kabataan na kinasasangkutan ng mga pulis.

Sa pahayag na may petsang Setyembre 12 at inilathala sa CBCP News, hinimok ng mga obispo ang pamahalaan na itigil na ang umano’y walang saysay na pagkitil ng buhay ng mga inosente, lalo na ng mga kabataan.

Hinimok din nito ang Simbahang Katoliko na magkalembang ng kampana sa tuwing sasapit ang alas-8 ng gabi sa loob ng 40 araw simula Setyembre 23 hanggang Nobyembre 1.

Ang naturang pahayag ay nilagdaan ni Arch. Socrates Villegas, Archbishop ng Lingayen-Dagupan at Pangulo ng CBCP.

Basahin ang buong pahayag sa ibaba:

Our brothers and sisters in Christ:

Kian, Carl, Reynaldo…they were young boys, enjoying life, loving sons of parents who doted on them. Now an entire nation knows them by name because their lives have been snuffed out so cruelly, their dreams and aspirations forever consigned to the sad realm of “what could have been but never will be”.

They cannot be statistics, for to reduce them to numbers in an increasing tally is to heap yet more injustice than has already been visited on them. They are only three of so many, awfully many, who have paid the price of what is touted to be the country’s resolute drive against criminality!

We mourn. The nation must beat its breast in a collective admission of guilt for in our silence and in our inaction, in our diffidence and in our hesitation lie our complicity in their deaths!

We are appalled by the remorselessness by which even the young are executed. The relentless and bloody campaign against drugs that shows no sign of abating impels us your bishops to declare:

In the name of God, stop the killings! May the justice of God come upon those responsible for the killings!

For the good of the country, stop the killings! The toll of “murders under investigation” must stop now.

For the sake of the children and the poor, stop their systematic murders and spreading reign of terror! In memory of those killed, let us start the healing of our bleeding nation.

The healing must begin. Malasakit must be restored. Pakikiramay must be active. Pakikipag kapwa tao must be gained back. The rule of law must prevail.

Because we Christians are heralds of a Gospel of Life there is no way that one can be a faithful Christian, let alone a fervent Catholic, and yet stay safely quiet in the face of these shocking attacks against human life. The very Gospel that the Church was founded to teach is a Gospel of Life. The Church must either be at the forefront of the intense and fervent struggle against a culture of ***** or the Church betrays Christ.

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