2 wounded as clan war prompts firefight in North Cotabato

  • 2 people were wounded when a clan war caused an exchange of gunfires in North Cotabato
  • Both wounded are members of the Sampillo brothers group
  • They reportedly encountered the group of a certain Commander Badrodin Mamalinta of the M.I.L.F.’s 105th Base Command 

Two people got wounded due to a firefight between two armed groups in North Cotabato on Friday morning.

The military said the clash was reportedly due to a “rido” or clan war.

The wounded were identified as a certain Bruds, and Ibrahim Samama, who allegedly escaped from North Cotabato District Jail.

Both are affiliated with the Sampillo brothers’ group.

The said group was involved in the firefight against the group of Commander Badrodin Mamalinta, also known as “Bads,” of the 105th Base Command of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

The Police and the Military also said that the Sampillo brothers are also alleged drug lords with standing warrants for violating the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

Soldiers from the Philippine Army’s 34th Infantry Battalion were already deployed to the area to monitor the situation.

According to findwords,Rido” is a Maranao term commonly used in Mindanao to refer to clan feuds. It is considered one of the major problems in Mindanao because apart from numerous casualties, rido has caused destruction of property, crippled the local economy, and displaced families.

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