90-year-old villager saves kid from drowning in icy river in China

  • A 90-year-old villager being hailed a hero after jumping into an icy river to save an 18-month-old child from drowning
  • The old man was about 100 meters from the site but immediately rushed to the site and jumped on the icy river to try and save the child
  • Youyi’s relatives are proud of “his courage 

A 90-year-old villager from Hejiaqiao in Santai county, southwest China’s Sichuan province moved the hearts of many for his heroic act of jumping into an icy cold river to save an 18-month-old child from drowning.

The boy was just riding on his bicycle in his home village at about 4pm on March 21 when he slipped into the icy river while still on the bike.

After seeing what happened to her grandson, the boy’s grandmother, Yue, became terrified and began shouting for help. Fortunately, He Youyi, a 90-year- old villager who was about 100 meters from the site, immediately rushed to the river after hearing the grandmother’s cry.

“He jumped into the river from one grassy bank and carried my grandson on his shoulder. Several minutes later, a fellow villager arrived to take my grandson ashore,” the grandmother said.

Other nearby villagers also began helping Youyi to pull him back to the river bank.

“I only did what I could. If I die it’s not a big deal, but such a thing should not happen to a child,” Youyi said, as per a Shanghaiist story.

Though Youyi still has good health, the fact that he is already old is undeniable. According to his grandson, Pan He, Youyi lives with his son in the village and walks very slowly due to his advanced age.

“We admire his courage to jump into the muddy river to save a boy,” Pan said.